Composite Bonding/ Contouring

Composite Bonding/ Contouring

Composite bonding is a process where your dentist applies a composite resin to one or more teeth to improve their appearance. This works well for teeth which have been chipped, discoloured or if you simply want to improve the shape of the teeth. Composite material bonds strongly to the surface of the teeth without the need for ‘preparing’ the teeth. It’s a non-invasive way to greatly improve the appearance of your smile, usually done in 1-2 sessions.

A short consultation is preferred where we can make a ‘mock-up’ of how the bonding will look so you can have an idea of how the treatment will look.

The happy patient featured had composite bonding to improve the shape and contour of her front teeth, including closure of her mid-line gap. This was achieved in a single appointment.

Contact the practice for enquiries or to book a consultation.


So you need a filling?

You’ve just had a dental check-up and the dentist has stated that you require a filling in a tooth.

The dentist will recommend the filling material that is best suited to your individual needs, but why would a white filling be better than the old silver fillings?


There are a number of reasons as to why white fillings are better than silver ones.

  • They are mercury free
  • Teeth filled with white fillings are less prone to cracking, which may result in the need for expensive crowns to fix the tooth after it has cracked.
  • No filling will last forever, however white fillings bond to the tooth and can make the tooth nearly as strong as before
  • To repair the tooth there is minimal drilling required. Silver fillings require a relatively large portion of the tooth to be drilled out in order for the filling to adhere to the tooth structure. With white fillings decay still must be removed but no extra tooth removal is required to help hold the filling in place, the white filling is chemically bonded to the tooth structure.
  • Some people find they experience less post treatment discomfort and sensitivity when using white fillings compared to amalgam.


At Ormeau Dental Care we offer white fillings to all our patients. Ask your dentist for more advice.

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